About Olivier Dobberkau

45 Years old. CEO of dkd Internet Service GmbH, Frankfurt.

Using TYPO3 for more than 400 Projects in 12 years.

In my freetime I try to improve my Golf Handicap (30). I like to go out with friends and see movies. I root for my local soccer team Eintracht Frankfurt.

France and Italy are my favorites countries, followed by Spain and Austria. I would like to go to Japan or Asia sometime. Canada and the UAE are on my favorites list too!

I like to meet new people. If it happens that you are around Frankfurt send me an e-Mail.

I am a member of the EAB (Expert Advisory Board) of the TYPO3 Association. Feel free to contact me on any question regarding it.

More on the EAB can be found here: association.typo3.org/expert-advisory-board/ref/assoc/